called out

Tuesday, September 23


yes you heard me..

i have been CALLED OUT

not just once.


a dozen times this month.

for what you may ask? 

well. seeing as how i am BLOGGING. ill let you put that puzzle together.

so here is how i was put into line.

^^ line for dramatic effect

this last sunday my mom had the sister missionaries over for dinner.

|| it is safe to say she has completely lost it since my brother left for his mission ||
bless her heart. can't function unless its about missionary work

not that i don't go over e.v.e.r.y. single day looking for food as a new poor newlywed

but this had my name written all over it.

 so i invited myself. 

im so scary when i see missionaries. 



honk again incase they didn't hear me.

nearly hit a telephone pole.

then honk again to let them know i am okay.


shortly after the sisters arrived my dad gave a few introductions.

first:: my german companion Annika who has been staying with us here in America
and explaining how we met on our missions. 

One of the sisters said! Where did you serve in Berlin!

wait are you Bella in Berlin?


it always does my heart good to meet sisters from around the world who read my blog
and are influenced positively by it. 

by the end of dinner after having a blast talking about missionary work and walking them to 
the door one of the sisters said..  

"well i am on my mission but i am sure you are writing lots and can't wait to catch up"


" no I'm not really posting as much. not sure what to talk about that people care for"

" well thats no excuse. i loved your posts they helped me so much. i hope you start again soon "


i mean life is busy sure.

3 jobs. 

full time student.

newly wed lyfe. with a y because its awesome

in the process of moving into our home. 

a horrible horrible pinterest addiction 

but thats not why blogging has been at an all time loooow. 

as of late i know we have all seen it. 

social lives being exchanged for LIKES. 

fashion bloggers sharing the " deal of the week" which would still require
me to take out 2 loans, sell my car and go on an all celery diet to afford. 

flawless freshly baked cookies whipped up in those few spare moments of the day just "cuz"

random outings to the bahamas and a fun spontaneous trip to the swiss alps

dramatic but you feel me. 

so here i am. LIKING away

" oohhh "

" ahhhhhh "

" alps "

and sitting there with my freshly purchased d.i sweatshirt from some 
high school in which i never attended.

" she doesn't even go here"

name that movie. 

a large diet coke and cheetos waiting for dinner

and meanwhile having a rather small heart attack
when i learn my newly pinned pinterest recipe

: Nutella-Stuffed Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt :

for this recipe go here

has nearly burnt down my home and put every child at risk who was within 150 feet. 


why would a.n.y.o.n.e log on to hear about my adventures

take annnny shopping advice from someone who sports hobo-chic

and care about the gems i found on my "excursion" of a walk around the neighborhood

( which resulted in what appeared to be an asthma/panic attack due to my lack of physical fitness )

but thats another story.

so i guess you could say social media got the best of me. 

i can't compete. 

so i decided not to try.

i mean after all. 

this blog is NOT a fashion blog

i will never try to advise you to take ANY of my cooking advice. 

it would be so rude. so so rude. 

this is not a brag board or account of my daily buys. 

but what it was all along.

a blog for readers who want to hear a slightly inappropriate joke

random posts and stories about a girl trying to live the gospel we all love so deeply. 

a blog for full time missionaries and those at home to help us
reach our potential and keep our baptismal covenants

a blog for other fellow extremely socially awkward dressed
people a.k.a my hobo-chic generation. 

a blog that brings substance to our social world.

but most importantly a place for my testimony and life i share with bake. 

and every now and then a cute picture of a chubby baby i found on pinterest.

i would much rather use the tools i have to bring people closer to christ.
rather than into a pair of $325 dollar anthro sandals. 

but if you can do both those things. 

then you go glen coco. 

name that movie. 

eek. its on netflix you're welcome.

as for me and my life this is what i choose to do with the mantel I've been given. 
i have nothing against those who choose to do otherwise. by all means. i adore 
and will continue to follow.

but i am pulled in a much different direction.

one that may not be as popular or receive as many likes.

|| here is why ||

before i was married i had the opportunity to sit down with this amazing man 
and talk about life, marriage and the gospel today.

knowing of my blog Elder Oaks told me something that touched my heart so deeply

i felt like i was going to puke

he said.

" you have been given a mantel to be a light to hundreds of thousands of young people 
of the church, in a sense you have more power to influence them to do good then i do. 
they relate to you, can connect easily and care what it is you have to say. use it wisely"



no. ladies and gents. no i do not

so please forgive my lack of blogging. 

please tune in each week for more

never stop writing emailing or reading. i read them all and i
DEFINITELY ( had to google how to spell that correctly)

appreciate it more than you know. 

so thank you


and all of you from everywhere that continue to inspire and push me.

<3 <3 <3


  1. Iz - I love this. It is REALLY hard to fit into such a competitive world of young, beautiful, seemingly flawless people. I know that I don't feel like I fit in anywhere because I don't fall into a real popular/common category. So, it touched my lil heart to read this and have someone so darling and fashionable and funny say that sometimes you find it hard to keep up too. Life isn't perfect for anyone and I do think social media has gotten to the point where everyone has to be the cutest person ever, have the most perfect relationship, make gourmet food, have a delightfully charming house that they own and have a husband finishing up medical school at Harvard. Meanwhile I'm here like, oh yeah, I survived another day and 3 out of my 3 kids are alive! Awwww yeeeahhhh. Let me not clean my house because I'm exhausted (sorry you have to keep seeing the mess). ANYWAY - I'm rambling, but thanks for this post. You're adorable and you touch the lives of lots more people than you know.

  2. P.S. The comment above from "me" is Linds Bakes, your sis-in-law.

  3. Beautiful post! My missionary daughter said this last week and I've been using it with my seminary kids, I think it very much applies to the opportunity you are taking here: "We have to shine so bright that we can't be missed."
    I found your blog when I was preparing to send her to the Alpine German-speaking Mission. We have kept a blog and many of her friends of other faiths read it. Social media can be a powerful force for GOOD.
    Thank you for your uplifting and REAL messages!

  4. don't mind me just jaw-dropped to the floor at how legit you are.
    come visit us NOW so i can tell you how amazing you are in person. xxx

  5. Love your blog! You really are an inspiration :)

  6. waiiiiit elder oaks reads your blog?! whaaaaaat?!

  7. Hallelujah! You could write about your daily walks around the block and it would still be hilarious! I'm happy that you will continue to write on your blog! Thanks for keeping it real!

  8. girllll you're still my favorite no matter what you blog about :) I'm always laughing either way. Mean Girls quotes are my life so your #1 in my book of bloggers! P.s. real life when I was going to byui at the time I'd be staring at my computer and busting up laughing and my roommate would ask me what I was laughing at....and it was usually always me laughing at your blog. So keep doing you because you're doing a good job! You go glen co co!! ;)

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  10. This is beautiful and I must say... I CARE! You are such a wonderful, inspiring person. So what if you didn't go to the alps or your baking attempt was a disaster :). That it in itself is a funny story worth telling. I love reading your blog so much, and it is because you ARE relatable and funny! Thank you so much for starting this blog! It is the best.

  11. Ok Bella,
    I LOVE your blog, but why you gotta tease us with this big promise to blog more? I neeeeeeed more BellainBerlin! Just one teeny post? Some wedding details? Snaps of your man? I don't even care! Help me, I'm going through withdrawals!

  12. I know Sister Willerth and Sister Bentley, they were in my mission! They are GREAT.