Friday, November 6

it's well past my bedtime but im up..

sick to my stomach

and once again cant shake the feeling and need to get my words
onto paper and HOPE AND PRAY that someone
along their way 


reads them.

and is somehow POSITIVELY influenced by what I have to say


if you have anything more advanced than a flip phone 
you've seen it

BIG NEWS for the LDS Church

BIG NEWS (with a horrible misleading title)

posted all over your facebook page that even before opening
the article sets a negative tone

I wont go into too great of detail or doctrine of what the church has announced

that is a post for another day..

but for now I want the world to know

god loves his children of them

let. it. be. clear.

that just because we don't accept the practices
does not mean we do not accept the parents.

we.. as LDS members believe the family

to be the most precious and important thing 

so precious that the brethren have made what I

feel to be an incredibly INSPIRED and considerate decision

a decision that helps prevent any tension

disownment or problems that may arise within the homes
of those whose parents may practice or believe
things contradictory to the church's teachings.

The Church has made this decision 

to PROTECT the family

not tear them apart. 

this is nothing new.

there are many similar situations I encountered on my mission where

muslims. spouses and children all must

obtain special permission from a leader of the church
or their family before entering the waters of baptism.

to prevent tension

to protect the individual

to PROTECT the family

this.. this is no different

 the church hopes to help children find balance and a clear understanding

to make the decision right for themselves when the time

comes and to prevent any confusion and insecurities that
may arise when they are taught one thing at home and another
in sunday school

the hate.

the name calling.

the misunderstanding.

the "unchristlike" accusations

are only the beginning of what is

breaking my heart today



i'm reacting and posting to voice a different concern I am seeing
all over my facebook wall today

posts from fellow members

former missionaries

soon to be missionaries

relief society presidents

members of our church who announce they are:

logging off.

shutting down.

taking a facebook fast for a while.

looking away

thats one way to handle difficult situations i suppose

but not how i will

 other people right now are doing what the world does best

they are reading







one day its the death of a lion

and the next day its something new

i honestly cant keep up with what we hate today

but TODAY 


its the mormon church

its your.. faith

if not your faith then its probably some of YOUR FRIENDS

i know its tough

NOONE likes to read such hurtful things

no one wants their words to spark an argument

NOONE wants to offend or say the wrong thing

i pray that people out there will

""    pause before you post. 

think before you share

pray before you judge. 

no matter who you are or what you believe. ""

i have faith in my god and in his teachings

i know that he has a plan.. muuuuuch greater and muuuuch
more divinely inspired than ill ever understand

of most importance today i hope that we will


not look away when times get tough

when that spotlight gets a little brighter

when those words read a little harsher 

when those commandments become a bit more difficult
to defend and the words just don't seem to come

for all the negative. the hate and the hurt on your feed.

i challenge you

spread love


do not cower. 

do not fear.

** be aware that **

there is a difference in


and defending the truth



and lovingly.

to my friends that are directly affected by this

i love you.. 

i love you and i also know that god loves you.

that. will never change. it hasnt. and it will not

if anything.. thats all i want you to know
and to remember as you scroll through your feed today.

its that simple. 

no matter who you are or WHAT you believe

hate. arguing.

and name calling to me

is most definitely not christlike

don't believe in god?

then be a kind.


and positive person

the world is full of enough hate

put down your stones

but most importantly

STAND UP for your beliefs


STAND UP for your friends

whoever they may be


  1. I respect your opinion. However, I disagree with your opinion. I will stand up and say "I am a woman of faith who loves God." I am a member of the LDS Church. I disagree with their policy and with your opinion. Don't assume that I lack faith because I disagree. I am faith filled. I am grace filled. I love my God. These are only opinions and we can equally STAND for our opinion with faith and courage. And I do this with love. Wishing you a beautiful day.

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  3. Thank you for this post! It was great!

  4. I believe in God, am not LDS, but appreciate your sentiment. I really find your unabashed opinions compelling, respectful, and enlightening. I look forward to reading them! I just had to reply in disagreement.

    I go to Duke Law School, and yesterday someone wrote "death to all fags" on a gay student's' residence. As a human being, child of God, etc., I find this deplorable, ugly. As a law student, I also find this deplorable, ugly. But the latter informs me that in our country, people cannot be treated differently because of an immutable characteristic. This subordination is where racism comes from. Sexism. Homophobia. This certainly cannot occur in our country, at the omission of our government. We are a nation of wonderful freedom. We can practice our religion because we let other people practice theirs (or lack thereof) without encroaching on our quality of life and fundamental rights (or at least we should). This student should be able to live freely without shame, even if a religious person harbors such feeling towards them.

    So our huge right to freedom of religion. That is why LDS can and will, and are totally allowed to make distinctions based on immutable characteristics like homosexuality. Not that long ago people of color were not allowed into the priesthood. That is clearly racist but shrouded in religion. Now imagine a LGBT person, devout, being told that the people they share a community of faith with can excommunicate them...shun their children until age of adulthood...where do they turn to? Another case of turning children of God away. God loves all of his children, I know this. As a Catholic, I know Jesus talked x1,000 more about humility and being good to others than he did about homosexuality. Yet religions are fixated on turning homosexuals away from faith. Not admonishing greedy people. Not vain people. Not those who turn away from service. Our government is following suit. It breaks my heart. How do we reconcile this as religious young people?

  5. You are FABULOUS. Thank you for your post, faith and strength. xx

  6. this was amazing! and made me so happy to read. people can disagree, of course, but there needs to be respect and love. there is too much hate. i dont know you but you're amazing and i love you!

  7. I've been following your blog since your mission! You're soooo inspiring and I admire you in many ways. Thank you for posting this, I was feeling the exact same way about seeing former missionaries abandon their beliefs. I loved your post, keep up the great work Isabelle! :)

  8. This is exactly what I needed today! I know I will encounter questions and doubts and criticism about this on my mission and I've been so afraid! Thank you for the strength you've given me! :)

  9. Thank you for your courage, boldness, and love of the savior reflected in this post. I needed it. ☺️

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